You Kiss Your Mother with that Mouth: Musings from Beyond the Blog

Yes I do kiss my mother with this mouth. The reason I created this page

Somedays, things just go to hell and a handbasket and you don’t want to burden your family and friends with your bullshit. I decided to create a place where I could just get things off my chest and provide a place for others to do the same. If you have something burdening you feel free to comment on this page at any time. Just be warned that any hate, racist, or political speech will not be tolerated. Profanity however is, so feel free to let out as many f-bombs as you need to. I know I will.

All images used for this page are purchased for use from Deposit Photo.

Why do I always have to decide what the hell is for dinner?

Somedays I just don’t give a shit. I am super stressed and worked all day and would really just like to punch something when someone asks “What’s for dinner?”. Only to be followed up with the answer “I don’t know” when said people are asked what they would like for dinner. Oh that makes me even madder. This is not rocket science. If I am working late and you are hungry take the initiative to make something. Hell that would be a wonderful gift if anyone wants to get me one who reads this. Just once a hey mom/hon we made dinner tonight so you wouldn’t have to. But I guess that would be on the same day hell froze over. My favorite thing of all is when I do muster the energy to finally make something for dinner (let me caveat this by saying it’s 6pm not any later in the evening so they are not starving) are the comments from my son about how he does not like what I’ve cooked. Oh yes he goes there. Why because he likes getting sent to his room on an empty stomach? I don’t know. My husband knows better. But wait there’s more. I get the joy of cleaning this shit up too. Why? Because I work from home so it’s not a real job? Bullshit!!

Why the fuck aren’t all dishes made by commercial brands dishwasher safe?

Who has time to hand wash their dishes? I sure as shit don’t. Two of my favorite coffee mugs this week were destroyed in the dishwasher. The logos and art completely washed off. These were not mugs I bought on Etsy or from a crafter. These are mugs from a major retailer. What the hell? Now I am on the hunt for replacements knowing that they will need to be hand-washed and will do my best to keep them hidden from my family so they don’t help destroy them by putting them in the dishwasher. Ugh! Such bullshit.

Teenage boys are a pain in the ass!

Why! Why do I have to constantly beg my 13-year-old son to shower and use deodorant? The other day I was in my office (I work from home now) and he came bouncing in between my conference calls and smelled like the stinkiest goat on the damn planet. It smelled so damn bad I had to light a candle. And he thinks that he’s going to get the attention of girls stinking like that? Seriously I just shake my head somedays.

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