Our Review Ratings


Our review ratings are listed below.  We will not post a two star review or below.  If we receive a book for review that is not at least three stars we will contact the author personally with our comments and feedback.  We created this site to help indie authors get their books out to more readers.  

  • 6 Stars-Mind-blowing!  Not only could we not put it down but we could not stop thinking about the book for days, weeks, months.  When someone asks us what to read this small and unique group of books are always at the top of our list.
  • 5 Stars-Superb! could not put it down and stayed up half the night to finish it.
  • 4 Stars-Splendid! kept me engaged with with exciting twist and turns
  • 3 Stars-Satisfying! good read overall but left me wanting more

1 thought on “Our Review Ratings

  1. Hi there!
    I found your profile on Amazon, and wondered if you might be interested in reviewing A Wedding at The Blue Moon Cafe, my contemporary NA romance? It’s a novella of about 44k.
    Here’s the Amazon link if you’d like to learn more about it. http://www.amazon.com/Wedding-Blue-Moon-Cafe-ebook/dp/B00HQSO4YW/ref=la_B002OBQ98A_1_38?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1389225633&sr=1-38
    I would love to send you an ebook to review! Just let me know if you’re interested and able.
    Thanks in advance for your consideration. I know how overwhelmed reviewers are these days, and I’m grateful for your time.

    Cate Masters

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