**What Books Do You Want From TNEE**

TheNovelExperience1I will be at The Novel Experience tomorrow and am super excited!!!  I want to hear from all of you about what authors I should meet and what signed books all of you want.  This is a huge author signing event.  Check out the amazing list of authors below and let me know what book by what author you would want. I am going to meet Carrie Ann Ryan and get two advanced copies of Tangled Innocence.  One for me and one to giveaway.  I am also going to be meeting Becky McGraw, Naima Simone, Chelsea M. Cameron, and Aurora Rose Reynolds.  Yay! ~ Kelley

TNEE Author graphic

Ranae Rose
Marianne Morea
Dianna Love
Stephanie Julian
Brynn Paulin
Jayne Rylon
Donna MacMeans
Jeanne Adams
Carrie Ann Ryan
Tonya Kappes
Nancy Northcott
Nancy Naigle
Annabel Joseph
Joey W. Hill
Donna McDonald
S.A. Price
Jae Lynne Davies
Lacie Nation
Tracey Sorel
Roz Lee
Marcia Colette
M.K. Mancos
Olivia Jaymes
Vella Day
Alicia Brewster
Grace Greene
Angeline Allure
Kendall Grey
Leigh Ellwood
Michael Siemsen
Gray Dixon
Melissa Schroeder
JM Gregorie
Sylvia McDaniels
Connie Suttle
AM Hargrove
Brandy Walker
Hunter S. Jones
Heather Long
Colette Saucier
Tilly Greene
Erin Quinn
Diana Castilleja
Jennifer Loren
Sahara Kelly
TJ Michaels
Sara York
Kristina Circelli
Danielle Allen
Dawn Pendleton
Bethany Lopez
Jamie Magee
Jeanne Adams
Elisabeth Grace
Ciara Knight
Chelsea M. Cameron
JB McGee
Andrea Heltsey
RL Griffin
Alexia Haynes
T. Lynn Tolles
Amanda Lance
Michelle Madow
Natasha Boyd
Michelle Lynn
Traci Sieving
Melissa Rolka
Elle Chardou
Jeanne Adams
Ciara Knight
Stephanie Keyes
Stephanie Queen
Alannah Lynne
Regina Frame
Tessa Tevan
Candace Belvins
KH LeMyone
Julie Morgan
Jettie Woodruff
Shannon West
Avril Ashton
Ella Col
Hildie McQueen
Jessica Lee
Julia Sykes
Alexandrea Weis
Karen Fuller
Kathi Barton
Elise Marion
Destiny Blaine
M. Robinson
Babs Hightower
Rita Sawyer
Liz Schulte
Mike Arsuga
Tawdra Kandle
Nina S. Gooden
Becky McGraw
Jennifer Theriot
Jean Joachim
Sandy Sullivan
Sarra Cannon
Rebecca Brooke
Misha Elliot
Liz King
Cheryl McIntyre
A.L. Davroe
Suza Kates
Holly L. Lee
Rani Rhyes
Aurora Rose Reynolds
TM Frazier
Rochelle Paige
EM Abel
Eleanor Green
Dennis Winstead
Delisa Lynn
MJ Carnal
Misha McKenzie
Jake Bonsignore
Serena Pettus
Jean Murray
M. S. Spencer
Lia Davis
JT Cheyanne
Jillian Chantal
Ruth Zavitsanos
Jordan Deen
Adrianne James
VL Moon
Naima Simone
Tara Tyler
Elizabeth Seckman
Sasha White
JM Madden
Kim Jones
Mia Dymond
Jinni James
Donna Michaels
Sunniva Dee
DeLaine Roberts
Nevaeh Lee
Daniel A Willis
Mary Foster
Bella Roccaforte
Sharon Hamilton
Kris Calvert
Amy Gregory
Jennah Scott
Wendy Owens
Robyn Peterman
Ashley Chappell
SP Cervantes
Bianca Sommerland
Melinda Harris
V. Dold
CR Aspen
Anna Zaires
Courtney Farrell

7 thoughts on “**What Books Do You Want From TNEE**

  1. You are so lucky you can attend events such as that… If only I can too, it sucks that i can’t because i’m from the other side of the world 😦
    I love Chelsea M. Cameron! ❤
    how about a signed book or post cards or bookmark/plate from her?

  2. Holy Crap!!!!! There are so many! I am super jealous of you and would be grateful to meet any of them. I hope you have fun and take pictures!!!!

  3. Annabel Joseph should so be your first stop. If I were you I would get comfort object. That is my favorite out of the books I have already read by her.

  4. Ya gotta meet Annabel Joseph, Bianca Sommerland, Sasha White and Joey Hill~ They are *huge* fun. While you’re there snag one of AJ’s baskets of naughtiness; it’s got some of everything 🙂

  5. You must meet Kristina Circelli! Yes, she’s my cousin, but her newest book, Fragile Creatures is wonderful! Also, Wendy Owens is lovely, and Jordan Deen is a hoot!

  6. OMG! Did I get to meet you? That whole event was really awesome, but it was kind of a blur:) I’m also soooo bad with names and imagine my dismay when nobody had name tags! I really hope we got to connect!

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