Blog Tour + Excerpt + Review: Behind The Wall by Jane Harvey-Berrick – A Contemporary Novella



Behind The Wall
A Novella
Release Date: May 26, 2017
By Jane Harvey- Berrick
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The place where dreams fade and hope dies.
That’s what it’s meant for the five years that Garrett has been behind bars. But now hope is on the horizon and he’s daring to dream again: small dreams, small hopes.
Getting his GED would be a start. If only his prison-appointed teacher Miss Ella Newsome wasn’t so damn sexy.
As Garrett and Ella start to play a dangerous game, the price could be higher than either of them have guessed.

This story first appeared in the anthology HOT FOR TEACHER in 2016. It has since been extended with new scenes, more heart ache and even more heat.





An alarm blaring jerked us apart, and Garrett peered through the window in the classroom door.
When he turned to look at me again, there was a new tension in his jaw.
“They’re going to riot,” he said sharply. “We have to get out of here. Do you trust me?”
Trust. Such a small word with such a big meaning. Could I trust a convicted felon? Could I? Dare I trust a man whose simple words stole my heart from the very first moment he’d shown me his true self? Foolish, foolish heart.
“Get ready to run, Ella.”
I took a deep breath, and then we were racing along the brightly lit corridor, the alarm even louder, almost drowning out the pounding of our footsteps.
Garrett dragged me along with him, urging me to go faster. I felt his own panic as he tried door after door, but all were locked. The sound of rioting seemed to follow us, and I thought I could smell smoke.
Then we ran out of corridor, and Garrett swore loudly, his eyes darting wildly. He dropped my hand and kicked at the nearest door, smashing it repeatedly until I was sure either the door or his leg would shatter.
Finally, as sweat poured down Garrett’s face, the door’s weak lock screeched and broke, and he fell into a large storage closet.
“In here!” he hissed, his face contorting with pain as his hand reached out to mine.
I followed him without thinking, needing him near to feel safe.
I’d imagined that hard body so many times, imagined the layer of solid muscle and silky skin that overlaid a tall, lean bone structure. My impatient fingers pushed under his prison uniform, discovering a trail of coarse hair that led from his chest to the waistband of his pants.
My impulsive fingers drifted lower, and I felt the groan in his chest as I closed my hand around his hot, heated shaft.
“Ellaaaa!” he moaned my name with reverence, a plea.

This story first appeared in the anthology HOT FOR TEACHER in 2016. It has since been extended with new scenes, more heart ache and even more heat.


Michel’s Review

Behind The Wall by Jane Harvey-Berrick is a novella that was previously released in the Hot For The Teacher anthology in 2016.  It is now available as a stand alone novella from the author.

I have a love-hate opinion about novella’s.  They are either a perfect addition to an existing series or a quick story that keeps the reader engaged for a short amount of time.  There is just enough to keep the reader fully satisfied.  On the other hand that same short story can be so compelling that the reader wants more.  This is the case with Behind The Wall.

Jane Harvey-Berrick painted a very vivid picture of life behind the bars without sugar coating it or romanticizing it.  It’s a very brutal environment where the men are suppressed.  Their sense of humanity is warped from their environment and past actions that landed them within prison.  The ideal situation is to rehabilitate these men so that they can become a positive part of society.  While rehabilitation is a positive action, the reality of it is not quite as great in real life scenarios.  These men have a criminal record for the rest of their lives.  Their future opportunities are limited and they will always be paying for their previous crimes.  The difference on how their rehabilitated lives play out is by their will to stay clean and become upstanding citizens, their work ethic, and lastly their support system once they are free.  Jane Harvey-Berrick clearly wrote a compelling story of a young man facing all these obstacles and a young woman compassionate and brave enough to help him face them.  Love is a strong motivating factor and these two people valued it’s strength.

I would of loved for this to have been a full length novel because both Garrett and Ella were both such compelling characters.


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