Excerpt Reveal + Pre-Order: Silent Knight by Becky McGraw

Becky McGraw

Silent Knight

Deep Six Security Christmas

Release Date Nov. 21, 2017

Thomas Griffin never thought he’d be a homeless vet at forty-six years old. But when he was no longer useful to the government he’d spent his life serving, they turned their back on him when he needed them most, costing him everything he ever loved. After that, he really didn’t care. Living his life on the fringe was safe and he didn’t have to worry about anything except his next meal. That safety remains until a beautiful socialite decides to come slumming for Thanksgiving on the wrong side of town and gets herself into trouble.

Over her fifty-five years of life, Lou Ellen Wells had received many blessings. To pay them forward and honor the men in her life who served her country, both living and dead, she cooked Thanksgiving Dinner at the Dallas Veteran’s Services Center every year. It was located in a bad part of town, but she’d never had a problem, until this year when she’s brutally attacked and can’t get to her gun. A bedraggled man with piercing blue eyes jumps to her rescue and saves her with moves out of an action movie. She gives him her card and offers him help, but he tells her doesn’t need saving and takes off like his tail is on fire.

A couple of weeks later, Lou is surprised when the man calls her asking for help of a different kind. A teenage girl he cares about has gone missing in gang territory. He’s afraid she’ll get killed if he doesn’t find her soon. Lou calls in the team to help him, but her price for that help is finding out why her Silent Knight, who is obviously skilled and educated, chooses to be homeless.

But will satisfying her curiosity about Thomas Griffin put her in the crosshairs of a terrorist group even more dangerous than MS-13?

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“You, ah, might want to look in the mirror, Lou,” Slade said, his lips quivering. “It’s Christmas, not Halloween.”

Lou Ellen stopped at the head of the table and frowned, then glanced at the window behind Slade and squeaked as her hand flew to cover her mouth.

“So when do we get to meet the lucky guy who you let mess up your lipstick?” Caleb asked with a chuckle.

“I want to meet him, because I want to mess up his mouth,” Levi growled, his eyebrows crashing together. “What in the hell are you doing, Lou?”

“What’s the emergency?” Dave grumbled as he strode into the conference room with Dex tailing him. He stopped to stare at Lou Ellen and his eyebrows raised. “Jesus, Lou—did you get into a catfight with someone? We’ll have to call in the women, if you need help with that.”

“Well, Cee Cee isn’t helping,” Cade said as he filled the doorway. “She’s up to her eyeballs in wrapping paper right now. That woman has presents stacked higher than our tree.”

“Well, my sister doesn’t do things in moderation,” Dave said with a laugh. “Half of those gifts are probably for the kid’s wing at the hospital and the other half for the trafficked woman’s shelter where she’s been volunteering.”

“No, where she’s working,” Cade corrected and rolled his eyes. “They needed an admin and she’s it.” Cade’s eyes darted to Lou Ellen and he grinned. “Your cheeks are awfully rosy, Lou, and your eyes are glassy. Have you been hitting the Christmas spirits without us? Was this call a drunken prank? That was my first thought when I got your text, because everyone knows I’ve retired from all operations that don’t include a surgery suite.”

“If it is a prank call, Grace and Callie are going to be upset. We were supposed to go see the lights tonight,” Dex said as he walked to the table to sit down and open his laptop.

Mortified, Lou Ellen turned to leave the room and go to the bathroom, but ran smack into Griff’s chest. His fingers dug into her shoulders as he moved her to the side to step into the room.

“No, it’s not Halloween.” He pointed his thumb at his chest. “I’m that lucky guy,” he said looking at Caleb. He turned his gaze to Levi. “Take your best shot, bud.” He pinned Logan with a look. “No, she didn’t get into a fight, I kissed the shit out of her because she let me.” Finally, he looked at Cade. “No, she hasn’t been drinking, and this isn’t a prank.” He took a deep breath and blew it out. “I’m Thomas Griffin—Griff—and I’m glad to meet you all, but if it’s too much trouble for you to help me, I can do this myself.”


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