Excerpt Reveal + Pre-Order: The Best Man by Andi Burns


THE BEST MAN (Chesapeake Shores #2) by Andi Burns
Release Date: June 24th

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I was coasting along, living life, but not living it to the fullest.
I was going through the motions. Complacent. Static.

Until that night in December.

One night with a stranger in a sleepy tourist town changed everything for me.

And I can’t get Grace off my mind.

No last name, no address, nothing. So imagine my surprise when I see her again and realize how closely our lives are intertwined.

Whether she likes it or not, she’s stuck with me for now and I have plans to make our arrangement a permanent one.

The Best Man is a dual POV standalone in The Chesapeake Shores series. It follows The IT Guy.



Excerpt from The Best Man by Andi Burns

“So, where are we headed tomorrow?” he asks.

“What? Nowhere. We are not headed anywhere. If Elaine needs me to, I might be going to see another photographer after I check out a venue, but you are not invited.”

“Why the hostility? You’ve been mad since we got in the car to go meet the photographer.”

His question is sincere; there’s no malice behind it. He’s not even being snarky. And yet, he’s still pissing me off.

And that pisses me off.

And I don’t know what to do about it.

So I take a drink.

And snack on some nachos. I can’t answer if I’m chewing–that’s just rude.

“Wow, you must be really hungry and thirsty…” he deadpans.

I nod, because my mouth is full. Also, if I open my mouth (once I’m finished chewing, of course), I might say hateful things.

“You’re also thoroughly pissed at me.”

Still chewing. Yep, chewing really well. No choking hazards here.

“And I can’t figure out why.”

I take a sip. You know, to aid with the chewing

He arches an eyebrow at me, and I might have returned it with half a smirk. But only half. I’ve given him too much of myself already.

In a move that would rival the swiftness of an NBA star, Ev swipes the nacho platter in one hand and my water in the other, holding both just out of my reach.

Now, at 5’10”, I’m a tall gal. I’ve got long limbs. But he’s taller. And he’s got the wingspan of a condor. So unless I want to cause a scene in this restaurant, I’m not getting my food or beverage back any time soon.

“Really? You’re withholding food and drink?”

“Yep.” I want to wipe that smile right off his face.

“You want to know why you piss me off?”

“I do.”

“Fine. It’s because no one pisses me off. I am fucking charming and goddamn delightful at all times.” I tell him this as I’m basically breathing fire in his direction.

“You were fucking charming and goddamn delightful when I met you in December, “ he confirms.

“Right? That was me in my natural habitat. I. Am. Lovely.” I seethe.

“While I’m in full agreement, the steam that’s virtually spewing from your ears causes me a moment’s hesitation.” Ev says.

“It’s because you’re back! You’re not supposed to be back! And you’re Elaine’s brother. You are not supposed to be Elaine’s brother!”

“Should I be taking notes as to all the things I’m not supposed to be or do?”

“No.” I roll my eyes.

“Wait, so is asking you if I should take notes one of the things I’m not supposed to do? Or is taking notes the thing I shouldn’t do? I’m just seeking clarification.”

“Oh, my God. None of this is going to matter because I’m going to strangle you.”

“Best to wait until after the boudoir shoot, don’t you think? You don’t want to rouse Lori’s suspicions. Plus, I know you want to see me naked again.”

This standalone is #2 in Andi Burns’s Chesapeake Shores Series and it releases June 24th!



About the Author:

Andi Burns writes contemporary romance infused with humor, sass, and steam. She loves a happily-ever-after as much as her characters do, and she always reads the last page of a book first, just to make sure it all turns out okay.

Andi lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two daughters. When she’s not writing, she’s reading, folding laundry, or daydreaming about her next hero and heroine.


Connect w/Andi:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/andiburnsauthor
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/authorandiburns
Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/19841983.Andi_Burns
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2XY9jEy


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