Finding the Right Girl by Violet Duke Review and ***Giveaway***

From the New York Times & USA Today bestselling author who brought you the Nice Girl to Love trilogy, comes A Nice GUY to Love spin-off…

finding the right girl


Brian Sullivan has been in love twice in his lifetime. He lost his first love to early-onset Huntington’s, and he lost the other more recently…to his brother. And somehow, his heart has managed to heal itself after both. Amazingly, without therapy. That doesn’t mean Brian hasn’t gotten more wary along the way, however. In fact, he’s been thinking lately that maybe his brother’s now retired nothing-but-flings rule isn’t such a bad idea. Unfortunately, being the nice guy poster boy and all, he isn’t exactly versed in the fine art of flings. So he looks to the outrageously ‘unique,’ provokingly button-pushing Tessa Daniels for a crash course.

There’s absolutely no way he’s falling in love with this one…right?

Tessa has no idea what she was thinking telling Brian that she was some sort of fling expert. She’s never been flung before and she sure as heck doesn’t know where or how to begin flinging a guy like Brian. It was a temporary lapse in sanity, really–no doubt because of the can’t-help-but-fall-for-him brain fuzz that hits her whenever he’s around. Not only does the man have her being more herself than she’s ever been in her life, but he’s the only person she knows who seems to have as many demons and skeletons in the closet as she does. What’s more, he’s got her thinking of the one thing she stopped letting herself even hope for years ago.

A happily ever after.

My Review


Does true love only come once in a lifetime? How can you do everything right and still end up with a death sentence? Do you run and hide or do you love life to the fullest?

Brian Sullivan has done everything right. He was the rock his wife Beth needed when she was diagnosed with Huntington’s Disease (HD). He stood by her even when she did not remember who he was. He is now the sole caregiver for his daughter Skylar and she is showing signs of having the horrible disease his wife fought for years. He really believed that Abby was the one for him, but she chose his brother Connor in the end. They are still really good friends, but it is not the same. He is so lost and lonely..

Tessa has done everything right. She took care of her sister and father when their HD was at its worst. She worked several jobs to keep them afloat and pay for their medical bills. Her mother walked out on them and left Tessa to pick up the pieces. She loved her family with all her heart and would not have given up her time with them for the world. She has never allowed anyone to get close to her for fear of losing them someday.

What happens when Brian and Tessa cross paths? Will each of them find the one person that can complete them? Could they have another chance at true love? Nobody else understands what it is like loosing someone to HD like they do. Or will this terrible disease drive a wedge between them and keep them from ever loving anyone again?

Violet does an excellent job teaching the reader about this terrible disease and the toll that it takes on the person that has HD as well as how it affects their friends and family. She shows us in this story that no matter how much time you might think you have on this earth, that you should live and love to the fullest. This book had me sobbing at one point and laughing at Tessa and her quirkiness that drove Brian mad. Brian is such a caring, kind soul and to top it off is smokin hot. He is an alpha male warrior when it comes to Tessa. I think his character might be have been inspired by MVD if I had to guess.

This book is about taking chances on love and living life to the fullest even in it’s darkest hours. If you like a hero and heroine that are willing to fight for each other and can beat the odds then you will love this wonderful love story.


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To Celebrate the Release of Finding the Right Girl I am giving away five swag bags that I obsconded with at the Southern Magic RWA Readers Luncheon this past weekend.  Each bag is filled with tons of swag including e-books, three randomly selected books, and one hardcover copy of Deborah Coonts So Darn Lucky.  A special thanks goes out to the Southern Magic RWA Vice President for donating these awesome bags for me to giveaway.

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39 thoughts on “Finding the Right Girl by Violet Duke Review and ***Giveaway***

  1. Far too many Indie authors have my Love & Respect to pick just one as a favorite.. I don’t even think that I have a top 5! Lol! Thank You for the chance to win this!! ❤ Congratulations!!

  2. There’s about 5 or 6 Indie authors whose work I just love, but if I had to list just one I would say Tijan.

  3. My favorite indie author right now would have to be Kelly van hull, but I really love violet dukes books ❤

  4. I can’t pick one its impossible with all the amazing talented authors in the Indie circle.
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  5. My top 3 indie authors right now are S.E. Smith, Anna Zaires, and MK Eidem! I love me some sci-fi dramedy! Favorite books by SE Smith are River’s Run, Choosing Riley, and Gracie’s Touch. Anna Zaires’ Krinar trilogy is fabulous. MK Eidem is so new to self-publishing, she only has 2 books out but Grim knocked my socks off!

  6. There are more now than ever. i think it is a good thing for both parties. The writer wants to get the book out but doesn’t have to fret that “They might not like this” or “You need change all of this” When really it is a great book. Then us as readers get to benefit too! My favorite Indie Author is Kallypso Masters. She has also co-written a book on how to go the route of Indie. Thanks for listening.
    Aloha~ Sheri

  7. IT is very hard to pick just one! but my current favorite atm is Tara Brown. but give me a week to actually read the 50 some odd books I have downloaded in the pat 3 weeks and i bet I will have a lot more for you then! I just wish I could get some me time. That and my battery on my kindle to work or my phone to stop messing up. It is making it hard to read when I do manage to get time…

  8. Since I don’t twitter/ tweet, I can’t unlock the rest of the entries. But I take It one asks about indie authors. I’ve read several now, but I can’t pick a favorite — some have been better than others just like in the print field. Whether it’s a good thing or not — well, it certainly allows more books out in the public – and that can be good or bad for the reader: there’s only so much time to read and if there’s too many choices, for me at least, I then have a hard time deciding on a purchase. But with more choices, one can find something that appeals to one’s interests.
    This review of Finding the Right Girl has certainly made me want to read this! [It was already on my wish list to be considered 🙂 ]

  9. The only problem I ever have with Violet’s books is that I come to care far more than is healthy about her characters! These peeps are friends of mine, and now I have to worry about Skylar and Tessa! Wouldn’t change that for the world!

  10. There are many Indie authors that I love, but one of my favorites is Jasinda Wilder. 🙂

  11. I like Abbi Glines, J. S. Cooper and I just recently discovered Violet Duke and am loving her books. She is quickly getting to the top of my list. I just simply live to read!!!

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