New Release + 5 Star Review + Giveaway: Mr. Perfect by J. A. Huss

Mr. Perfect
J.A. Huss
Publication date: April 27th 2016
Genres: Contemporary Romance

Wanting the perfect man doesn’t make me crazy. I just know what I like.

A powerful billionaire in a suit wasn’t even my first choice. Mcallister Stonewall was never on my radar, I didn’t even know he existed.

But I do now.

His hands are all over me at work. The heat of his chest pressing against my bare back as he bends me over the desk is the only thing on my mind.

He is my most forbidden desires unleashed. He is my new secret obsession. He is my Mr. Perfect.

Until the moment I realize… There’s no such thing as perfect.

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“We own most of the land in the Tech Center. My father bought up the land thirty years ago before any of this was here. And we lease it out.”

Jesus. What kind of money is that? I can’t even begin to understand it.

“Anyway,” Mac says, standing. “I’m waiting in here for a reason.”

“Is that right?” I stand up too, but my heart beats a little faster when I take him in. He’s wearing a dark gray suit today, a blue shirt that is so light it’s barely a color, and another brilliant cerulean-blue tie that makes his matching eyes shine as they stare into mine.

I don’t know why, but I step backwards. His full attention on me suddenly feels more like a force than a look. He steps forward, hands reaching for me. I bump against the wall, no escape, and then he fists the front of my blouse and rips it open, revealing my silk cami.

My mouth opens in surprise.

He rips the cami apart too. And then, with one forceful whoosh, both garments are lying in a puddle of fabric on the floor.

“What are you doing?” I yell.

The intense stare turns to a boyish smile. “I’d like you topless for breakfast. And I get to call the shots for our dates.”

“Why do I even bother with you? Just why?” I refuse to cross my arms and cover my tits. Fuck him. Just fuck him. “Every time I start to think you’re not a pig, you go and do something like this.”

“It’s fun, right?” His smile never cracks.

“No,” I say. “It’s humiliating.”

“Your tits are nice, Ellie. You should not be ashamed of them.”

“I’m not ashamed of them—”

“Good. Because I’d like to stare at them while we have coffee and discuss our date tonight.”

A knock comes from Mac’s office and I might have a panic attack that someone will come in and find me bare like this.

“Hold that thought,” Mac says, leaning down to kiss my lips. “Breakfast is here. Sit,” he says, pushing on my shoulders until I slump into the window seat again. “I’ll be right back.”

And then he enters his office, pulling our connecting door closed.

I listen to the conversation in there as I look down at my clothes. What the hell was he thinking? The cami is dust. Ripped straight down the middle. At least the silk button-up shirt is only missing all the buttons. I can probably tie it around my waist to make it out to the parking lot, but—

There’s a jingle of a cart and plates. We have… room service? What kind of company has room service?

I guess I’m not all that surprised they have it up here. We have several restaurants on campus. The Atrium has a cafeteria. Maybe this came from the cafeteria?

Mac is laughing on the other side of the door, then I hear a polite thank you just before the sound of a closing door.

The connecting door swings open again and Mac is there, a wide grin on his face. “I hope you like pancakes.”

“This is not happening.”

“Oh, this is happening, Miss Hatcher. You are sitting here.” He points to the middle of the window seat as he pushes the cart towards me.

“I have no clothes, Mac. You ripped my cami. I’m going to have to tie that over-shirt on and go home to change. In fact,” I say, reaching down to get my blouse and pull myself together, “I’m not coming back. I’m done. Just when I think you’re a human, you act like an ape.”

“Would you just relax, Ellie?” He rips the shirt from my hands, balls it up, and then tosses it in the air, where it arcs perfectly and sails into the new trashcan that matches the desk. “Three points,” he says.

“It’s like you live in your own world or something. I think it’s funny that you accused me of living in some delusional fantasy, but you, Mr. Stonewall, you’re a raving lunatic who thinks the world is his asylum.”

“I’m going to take that as a compliment. Now sit. I’ve got it all under control.”



Michel’s Review

Reading great books is my personal escape from my very ordinary world.  I embrace the stories because they are very different from my personal life.  They are my entertainment.

Mr. Perfect by J. A. Huss is an erotic romance novel.  It is the combination of fantasy, romance, and an entertaining story.  It is purely fiction and not intended to be perceived as a reality.  It is meant to engage and entertain the readers.  It is meant to leave them with a good reading experience and a few emotional delights.

Mr. Perfect starts out with a lusty bang.  It’s an office romance that starts out as a purely misconceived sexual encounter.

Ellie Hatcher has worked for Stonewall Entertainment for seven years.  Her job is to take care of the celebrities appearing on the various shows.  She is a master at her job.  The celebrities love her.  Day in and day out she does the same thing and does it without much fuss.  She is a valued professional even though she hasn’t climbed the Stonewall Entertainment corporate ladder.  She has other dreams and aspirations for success in life.  Stonewall Entertainment is merely a stepping stone to the future.

It’s the typical Wednesday at Stonewall Entertainment until a spoiled, self absorbed rockstar is scheduled to appear on one the prime shows.  He’s demanding and a bit eccentric. Ellie is used to his demands but slips up when she forgets about the peanut butter sandwich in her purse.  She forgot he had a peanut allergy.  She almost killed him.  That is just the beginning of the worst day of her life.

Ellie’s bad day turns even more disastrous.  An unscheduled jet appears in the hanger and it is not the former boss that she used to fantasize about.  It appears she has a new boss, Macallister Stonewall.  When she gets summoned to the main corporate headquarters, she knows she’s about to be fired.  Instead she is promoted.  She’d rather stay down in the lowly hanger away from her new sexy boss.  With the promotion comes a handsy boss that is getting her naughty text messages that were sent to her former boss that is not supposed to be able to receive her messages because he no longer has that phone.  The problem is the new boss has the phone and is playing games with her.  Rather than be subjected to the game, she quits and tries to make her escape from Stonewall Entertainment. Let’s just say rather than getting out of the building, she’s captured by her boss who refuses her resignation.  His negotiating techniques are downright thrilling but not enough to change her mind until she remembers he has damaging texts and pintrest boards.  She has to get the phone back before she leaves Stonewall.

Mac and Ellie engage in some fantastic sexcapades at the office but then things start to change from fun and flirty to a more committed sensual relationship.  Ellie still plans on leaving Stonewall but Mac is determined to keep her.

MacAllister Stonewall is Mr. Perfect.  On the surface the man is everything one would expect in perfection.  The problem is Mr. Perfect is far from the title.  He has a mysterious past that has been erased.  He’s hiding a lot of secrets.  He’s selling off Stonewall Entertainment without justification or reason.  He’s determined to keep Ellie within reach but refuses to open up to her.

When I started this book I was instantly drawn into Ellie’s world.  When the sexcapades begin between Ellie and Mac, I was thinking oh boy that is a big no no. This crosses the line of sexual harassment in the work place.  It crosses the lines of moral ethics.  Then I pushed those thoughts out of my head because I remembered this is fiction, this is pure fantasy romance meant to entertain.  On a scale of one to ten on the heat index, this book was a solid nine.  But then the J. A. Huss special magic took over the book.  The book became more than an erotic romance, it became an erotic mystery with very complex characters.

J. A. Huss is known for writing erotic romances that involve mystery, intrigue, and suspense.  She’s known for building complicated plots that evolve through several books.  The plots take twist and turns that keep the readers glued to the pages and committed to all the books connected in the plot.  Mr. Perfect is just the beginning and I believe the mysterious future Mr. books are going to explode!



Coming June 22, 2016

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Author Bio:

JA Huss is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of more than twenty romances. She likes stories about family, loyalty, and extraordinary characters who struggle with basic human emotions while dealing with bigger than life problems. JA loves writing heroes who make you swoon, heroines who makes you jealous, and the perfect Happily Ever After ending.

You can chat with her on Facebook (, Twitter (@jahuss), and her kick-ass romance blog, New Adult Addiction (

If you’re interested in getting your hands on an advanced release copy of her upcoming books, sneak peek teasers, or information on her upcoming personal appearances, you can join her newsletter list ( and get those details delivered right to your inbox.

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