New Release + Review: Tempting Her Neighbor by Kylie King


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  by Kylie King



Ava McMillan is on her way to college and wants only one thing: for her hot, older neighbor Graham Reese to be her first.

She knows Graham is good friends with her father, but when a beautiful, sweet, eighteen-year-old like Ava wants something, she has to have it, no matter the consequences.

Graham has tried to resist but, eventually, resisting Little Ava McMillan becomes impossible. He knows the only way to get her out of his system, is to have his way with her, even if having her means breaking his friend’s trust for life.


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Ashley’s Review

Storyline: 3.50

Characters: 3.25

Heat Factor: 3.50

Overall Rating: 3.50

Tempting Her Neighbor by Kylie King is the first book I’ve read from this author.

The story was short but steamy. Only about 70 pages, the story had just enough to be enjoyable and not leave the reader feeling the need for more.

Ava is nearly eighteen. Graham is thirty-eight. Graham is not only Ava’s super-hot neighbor but also a friend and old co-worker of her father’s. Deciding that for her birthday she’s ready to give up the V-Card, Ava decides there’s only one man she wants… Graham.

This is a good little story. I read it in about 30 minutes and felt satisfied with the story and the ending. It was steamy but tamer than most of the books I read. I liked the characters and that it was an age gap romance.

Overall it was a good little story that I feel readers will enjoy.

3.50 Stars


About the Author:

Kylie King is a soccer mom by day, and a writer of ridiculously smutty romances by night. She loves reading, swimming, and mixed drinks that include lots of rum.

All of her books are quick and hot, with over-the-top fantasies that probably shouldn’t be taken too seriously.





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