New Release + 5 Star Review + 2016 Favorite: The Italian by Beverly Preston – Beyond the Mathews Family Series – Book 2


The Italian

Beyond The Mathews Family Series – Book 2

By Beverly Preston

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The Italian is a standalone and book two in the Beyond the Mathews Family Series.

No ties.
No expectations.
No risks.

Antonio Giovanni, a fifth-generation winemaker in the rolling hills of Tuscany, is the epitome of temptation. Tall, dark, and handsome with an accent sexy enough to leave a trail of women’s panties in his wake. The man wears charisma like a fine silk suit…flawless and molded to perfection in all the right places, leaving just enough mystery to make you wonder what lay beneath the faultless exterior.

Hope Tidwell, a world-renowned sommelier, is a strong independent woman who fights to have control over every aspect of her life. She makes her own money, her own decisions, her own happiness, and her own mistakes. Her existence doesn’t need to be validated by a man; she refuses to ask for anything except an orgasm, and even those she can manage on her own.

Relationships for most people are as natural as breathing. However, Hope and Antonio are two players who master the art of seduction and the fear of emotional intimacy. When tragedy strikes close to her heart, Hope is fated to do the one thing that terrifies her most. Destiny reveals the biggest gifts often require the greatest sacrifices.




Tracey’s Review

Rising above a past that she’d rather forget, Hope Tidwell has crafted a life that she adores. A well-known and successful sommelier, Hope lives a commitment-free life, traveling and doing the work that she loves, involving her heart with no one but her beloved younger sister. When tragedy strikes, and Hope finds herself at a crossroads, life begins to unfold in an unexpected but wonderful way.

When I think of author Beverly Preston, the first word that comes to mind is “family.” Her Mathews Family books have created a world full of the love and unbreakable bonds that come with being part of a strong, tightly-knit clan of wonderful people. Her characters are relatable and likable, and it’s always a pleasure to pay them a visit. THE ITALIAN, the second book in her Beyond the Mathews family series, focuses on people that, while related to the Mathews, are outside the family proper.

I was hooked from the first page of THE ITALIAN. Hope is a tough cookie, having had to raise herself and her sister due to the lack of involvement and nurturing from their mother. As a result, she’s happy to live a life free of emotional ties, enjoying instead the semi-casual relationships that she cultivates in her travels for her work. When events arise that shake up the life that she loves, Hope finds herself halfway around the world, and working closely with Antonio Giovanni, one of the men that Hope has known and shared time with.

Antonio. Oh, my goodness. This man is not perfect, but he’s pretty darned close. He is a man that refuses to let Hope hide behind her fear of commitment, that steps up and delivers in a BIG way, desiring only to make Hope feel safe, loved, and desirable. Beverly has written a man that is honest, forthright, secure in himself and what he wants, and is determined the make sure that what he wants comes to be. I have to say, Hope doesn’t stand a chance against him, and it is absolutely delicious seeing him work his magic.

THE ITALIAN brought all of the feelings, the warmth and safety of a loving secure relationship, the importance of strong friendships, and, oh, yes, the utter and incendiary sexiness of one certain hot Italian man. (I have to tell you, the love scenes, Oh.My.Goodness. Fan? Check. Ice water? Check. Don’t read this one without them!)

Beverly really touched my heart with this book, and has helped me end the reading year on a definite up note. THE ITALIAN, an easy 5-star read for me, is one of my 2016 favorites, and I happily recommend it as an addition to TBRs. I look forward to the next installment in this new series, and can’t wait to see what she’s got for us in future.

***ARC generously provided for an honest review.***


5622888Beverly Preston is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotionally rich and sinfully sexy stories about the ultimate alpha good guy; the kind of man you want to drag you to bed and put a ring on your finger. She also has a passion for strong, humorous, female characters and stories ingrained in a solid sense of family and loyalty.

She lives in Las Vegas with her husband, four kids, and two golden retrievers. If she’s not spinning richly emotional stories, you’ll find her on her spin bike.

Laugh, cry, and fall in love with The Mathews Family one Happily Ever After at a time.

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