New Release + Release Blitz: The Brawl by Willa Nash

The Brawl by Willa Nash is now live!

On Ronan Thatcher’s first week in Montana, he spots the most beautiful woman in the world. Love at first sight? Nah. He doesn’t believe in love. But he wouldn’t mind a date or two with the local beauty. Ronan is the type of man who gets what he wants, and he wants Larke Hale.

Except Calamity’s sweetheart has sworn off men. The last time Ronan was rejected was, well . . . never. Yet Larke dismisses him without even batting those pretty brown eyes.

Bruised ego in check, he’s about to walk away when a teenager marches into his office and asks to hire Ronan as her lawyer. Something about a bad grade and a ruined grade point average that will inevitably destroy her future. He’s about to lecture the kid for being melodramatic until he learns that the teacher she wants to sue is Larke.

Suddenly this frivolous lawsuit seems like a bright idea. Ronan wants Larke’s attention and this is guaranteed to snag it. So let the brawl begin.

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Tracey’s Review

Oh, my goodness, it’s official…THE BRAWL is my absolute favorite of the books in the Calamity, Montana series by author Willa Nash. I’ve likely said it with each consecutive book, but, oh, my word, this is THE ONE.

It’s no secret that I am all about the town of Calamity and the folks that call it home. Like all of the places that Willa (or Devney) write about, the beauty of the place, as well as the people, resonates with me. And let me just say that Willa has outdone herself with this book, because Ronan Thatcher and his love for Larke and Wren Hale have got me all up in my feels. He had me from the first ‘Mama,’ and my love for him, for his deep feelings, for his commitment to the people that he loves and the causes that he believes in, knows no bounds. And as for Larke, well, she’s what I’ve come to expect from Willa’s heroines. Strong even when she’s shaken, committed to family and a part of her home town down to her very depths.

Besides my love for Ronan and Larke, there is so much to recommend this book. All of the characters, especially Gerty, Wren, and Ember, the secondary plotline interwoven with, but no less important than, the love story between Ronan and Larke, the emphasis placed on family and home, all come together to create a story that I could not put down. THE BRAWL can be read as a standalone, so definitely snap this one up immediately because it is swoony and awesome, but do yourself a solid and read the whole series, because I guarantee that you will love them all. ❤️

Willa Nash is USA Today and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author Devney Perry’s alter ego, writing contemporary romance stories for Kindle Unlimited. Lover of Swedish Fish, hater of laundry, she lives in Washington State with her husband and two sons. She was born and raised in Montana and has a passion for writing books in the state she calls home.

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