Cover Reveal + Excerpt + Pre-Order: I Fade Away by Elle Keating

Today we have the cover reveal for I Fade Away by Elle Keating! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: I Fade Away

Author: Elle Keating

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 12th

About I Fade Away:

After four months, Tia Peterson has been found. The woman who was kidnapped and trafficked has escaped hell only to realize that her nightmare isn’t over. Her story has hit the media and every reporter and news outlet wants to know the gory details; things she doesn’t want to speak of ever again.

But then she meets Trent Reddick.

The former Navy SEAL doesn’t ask too many questions, never pressures her to talk about what happened while she was held captive in the New Jersey Pine Barrens. He just wants to help her get her life back.But the more time they spend together, the stronger Trent’s feelings for Tia become…and that scares him. If he doesn’t find a way to rein in his emotions, be the friend she needs instead of the man he wants to be for her, he may lose her for good.

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Exclusive Excerpt:

The Feds are gone for now. Because they have what they need. The name of my captor, where they can find the bodies…if there is anything left of them. According to the news, the fire spread quickly, consuming everything in its path. Part of me hopes that they find something, though. Some bones, a couple teeth, anything to prove that they are truly dead. But most likely they will only uncover ash, which leaves me disappointed.

I figure I bought myself a few hours until the agents return to probe me for more information, to ask me the same questions a thousand different ways.

How did you escape?

I ran.

Why did you run?

The house was on fire and I just witnessed three murders. Freedom was through the front door and I took it.

Who shot Edward Gaskill?

His nephew, Matthew.

Where is he now?

I have no idea.

And that is the truth. I don’t know where Matthew fled to. I just hope that wherever he is, he stays there, free to live out his life. I’ll always be grateful for what he did for me, that in the end he had become the man he had always wanted to be.

Was there anyone else in the house?

Yes, Edward Gaskill’s housekeeper and his slave, Aubrey. They’re both dead.

“Okay, Tia. I need to check your vitals again.” I don’t turn to look at the nurse who just entered my hospital room. She has already tried to strike up conversation once by telling me that she likes my name because it rhymes with Mia, her daughter’s middle name. “Tia, we have trained advocates who you can talk to… to be a support…”

I tap out and peer at the world through my hospital window. I can’t listen to another nurse or medical professional talk about the supports and services I should take advantage of because I’m an assault victim. Or stomach the way they look at me, pitying me.

“I already met with psych. I’m fine.” I don’t mean to be a bitch, but I have reached my limit and that is saying something.

“Oh, that’s great!”

I spoke to the psychiatrist, not to purge and express my feelings and relive four months of hell, but to convince the doctor that I’m stable enough to be discharged. Because that is my only goal right now. To leave this hospital, this fucking state.

“You’re almost finished with your last sodium bag. You should be nice and hydrated. How does your neck feel? Still irritated? Do you need something for the pain? On a scale from one to ten, what is your pain level?”

My hand goes to my neck and I touch the raw, sensitive flesh. “I’m fine.”

A hospital is the last place I wanted to end up because I knew this would happen. The questions, the sympathetic stares, tests to determine if I contracted something while I was…away. For a second I wish I had caught something lethal, because then it would be over; the memories, the nightmares. I would never see their faces again when I slept. I could just fade away.

About Elle Keating:

Elle Keating is the author of romance novels with sexy heroes and fierce females. Her first book, Thrill of the Chase (Dangerous Love, #1), was published by Forever Romance’s digital imprint, Forever Yours, in 2015. She has since expanded the series and released the Dream Duet and the taboo romance, Keeping His Commandments. Elle is currently working on several projects including the sequel to Into Temptation and a steamy forbidden romance that may raise some eyebrows.

When Elle isn’t torturing her heroes and heroines (don’t worry, there’s always a happily ever after), she is a public school administrator and enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 children in New Jersey. For more on Elle and her books, visit

Connect with Elle:

Website | Goodreads | Facebook | Instagram

Exclusive Excerpt Reveal: Liar by Stephanie St. Klaire



An Imperfect Love Novella

By Stephanie St. Klaire

Release Date: October 16, 2017


Fake it until you make it. That was the mantra Cori Dash chanted as she chased a big city dream. The more you tell people you’re on top of the world, the more they believe it – just like they believed the embellished image she sold them with her knock off designer facade. It wasn’t lying if the truth stood somewhere in the middle – and she didn’t get caught.

Dominic Blackthorne owned half of that big city…and a reputation. Rather than dispel rumors or show the world the real Nick, he let his own fake image run free. Until Cori Dash – the only person who told him exactly how it was, even if it stung.

When Cori is faced with her ex-fiance, now engaged to her ex-best friend, it’s game on. In her boldest move yet, she concocts her biggest lie to date by introducing the first handsome stranger that walks by as her new fiancé. Happy to play the part, Nick is already planning the fake wedding of her dreams.

You know what they say about lying – the truth always comes out – and it hurts. Especially when Cori finds out she isn’t the biggest Liar in this game, and she’s been out played.



The whispers caught her attention before the man, almost to her office, did. She scanned the group, following the he’s coming this way, I’ve never seen him before, and is that really him to the doorway, and her heart sunk. The man who stepped off the elevator was the man from the park. It was Nick.

So, her original instinct had been right. He was a stalker, the creepy kind, and now he was standing in her office with her and her team. How on earth he found her, she didn’t know. He only had her first name, though she did mention she worked for the event sponsor. Still, getting past security? This guy was good and probably dangerous.

“What in the hell are you doing here?” she asked with her hands on her hips and a threatening glare.

Leaning against the doorway with his hands in his pockets and a cocky grin, he nodded at the watchful crowd before saying, “I’m here to see you.”

“Uh, I can see that. You need to leave. I was very clear yesterday, not interested. Are you stalking me?” she asked, quick to scan the group of eyes fixed on her with shocked expressions to match.

The whispers were louder, and the team so invested in the back and forth, the only thing missing was popcorn. Something was off, and she didn’t know what, especially when she heard didn’t think he was real and it’s definitely him. Who, she wondered? How did some of her employees know who he was, but she didn’t? Then a terrifying thought crossed her mind; what if they had seen his picture somewhere, like on TV…could he be a wanted man? A true stalker?

Her fury escalated, and she felt the sudden urge to protect herself and those around her. “I asked you what you’re doing here?”

“I answered.” He winked at a couple of ladies sitting closest to him. “I’m here to see you – my fiancé.”

Loud gasps filled the room, putting Cori on even higher alert. She tossed her hands in the air. “You know that wasn’t real, right? Do you know the difference between reality and fiction? I don’t know what kind of game you are playing, but you need to leave, now. Or I’ll…call security.”

He shrugged, maintaining his megawatt smile, which might charm the pants off of some but not her. The chatter didn’t die down, and some of the women seemed to be entranced by his rugged good looks and that flashy smile. This was getting out of hand, and she needed to bring it to a close, and fast. For all she knew, he had a gun or knife under that expensive Armani.

“Figures, I had to pick a crazy one,” she said while picking up her phone and calling the security desk. She couldn’t help but wonder why members of her team continued to gasp in shock, every time she addressed him. “Tony, we have a trespasser…in my office.”

“Your nose wrinkles when you’re mad. It’s…cute.” His compliment clearly offended her, but he found that just as cute as the wrinkled nose.

“Cute?! Bring back-up, Tony. He appears to be unstable.” She hung up her phone, knowing Tony would be there in no time, given the concern she heard in his voice.

She looked to her staff, “I need to you all to leave quickly; this is not a drill. Please follow safety protocol, and exit the floor. Justin, you are the safety manager for this floor; you know what to do.”

As the people quickly filed out of the office and went straight for the stairwell, she couldn’t help but notice the snickers and more whispers. Even a few heads turned and laughed before rounding the last corner. What on earth?

“Protecting your people – that’s honorable,” he said.

“What do you want?”

“A date,” he said, as if it was the most normal thing in the world, given the circumstance.

“You really are crazy!” She reached into her nearby purse and pulled out her mace; you can never be too careful, she thought. “You come near me and I’ll unload this entire canister on you. Then, I’ll kick your ass…or…something.”

“Wow. New York has really rubbed off on you.” He chuckled.

“What does that mean?”

“Nothing.” He shook his head, never losing that smile that would most likely work on her if he wasn’t crazy. “About that date.”

“I’m not dating you. I have a strict policy not to date psychopaths.” After dropping the insult, she thought better of it. If he truly was unstable, it wouldn’t be wise to provoke any particular violent tendencies he may possess.

“We should get to know each other – so we don’t blow our cover.” That nonchalant shrug of his was getting on her nerves, and he knew it.

“Our cover? What the hell are you talking about?” Her hand darted out in front of her, aiming her mace when he started to move toward her.

He held his hands up in surrender, indicating that he wasn’t a threat, “The Hamptons – Winnie and Phillip? Have you already forgotten?”

“Are you mad? That’s not happening. Do you really think I’d leave town with a stranger…or date one for that matter? I really can’t believe this is happening. My lie, lies really, are catching up to me! This…this is karma, isn’t it?”

“Don’t all dating couples start as strangers?” he asked, matter-of-factly.

“Well…yes, but we aren’t a couple, we aren’t dating, and I’m filing a restraining order the minute security tossed you on your…ass.” It wasn’t in her nature to swear or be mean, but she thought perhaps a few choice words would intimidate him a bit and let him know she meant business.

She looked around him, through the glass wall, feeling a sense of relief when Tony finally exited the elevator with his sidekick, Carmine, and headed right for her office, his hand resting on the stun gun he wore on the right side of his utility belt. Tony’s angsty expression froze, and his eyes went wide when he entered the office and the stranger, Nick, turned to look at him. Surely Tony wasn’t intimidated. He must be surprised by the man’s tall stature and clean cut tailored suit that didn’t scream sociopath, just like she had been.

“Wh-what seems to be the problem?” Tony asked, looking between Nick and Cori.

Confused by his question, she thought it was rather obvious what the issue was but clarified by pointing at Nick. “Problem? Him – he’s the problem!”

“But, Cori. I mean…Miss. Dash…” Tony stammered.

“But nothing – I want him removed, trespassed from the property and a police report filed so my restraining order will stand. There is no telling what this…” she waved her hand up and down, indicating that she was talking about Nick, “…loon is capable of.”

Tony’s voice turned to one of reason. He clearly saw she was upset, flustered even, but he wasn’t sure she knew what she was really asking. “Uh, but, Miss Dash.”

“Tony,” she interrupted before he could say another word. “I want him gone. Remember I told you about a…gentleman I met this weekend? Well, this is him. He found me, he’s delusional, and needs to go – now. Don’t be fooled by the knock off designer suit – he’s a threat. Now remove him.”

“Oh? OH! Well, Miss…” Tony tried, once again, without any luck.

“Tony…” she tried to interrupt him once more, frustrated with his unwillingness to his job. Why was Tony, head of security Tony, so reluctant to do his job?

“I…I can’t, Cori. He’s…”

“Crazy! I know! Remove him,” she shouted, tired of the charade Nick clearly orchestrated.

“It’s okay, Tony. I got this,” Nick said, patting Tony on the shoulder.

“Uh, yes, Mr. Blackthorne,” Tony offered, with emphasis on Blackthorne in an attempt to toss Cori a bone before she dug herself any deeper.

Too late…she was already filling the hole she was laying in when Blackthorne registered loud and clear. “Blackthorne? You’re Nick…Dominic Blackthorne…Owner of Thorne Industries…my…boss.”

The charming smile returned. “Pleasure to meet you, Miss Dash.”


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Exclusive Excerpt: The Beautiful Now by M. Leighton

We are thrilled to be sharing an exclusive excerpt from THE BEAUTIFUL NOW, the upcoming release from M. Leighton.




Dane James worked my stepfather’s fields. He was the boy next door.  




From the moment we met, we were star-crossed lovers—always wanting, never having. We loved each other for most of our lives, but right from the beginning destiny had other plans.  She knew we would fall in love.  She knew we would fall apart.  Over and over again, like the curse of a recurring nightmare.  Or the hope of a familiar dream.  

Our past was tumultuous.  Our future was bleak.  But the one thing we always had was the beautiful now.

Until that was taken from us, too.






(12 YEARS OLD)  

We fell silent as he stepped into the field. He tugged me along behind him and I gladly followed him through the waist-high ocean of feathery crop. It swayed in the moonlight, silvery waves tossed gently back and forth by the warm night breeze. I held out the hand that wasn’t curled in Dane’s and let the thin stalks trail between my fingers.  Their fluffy caps tickled one palm as Dane’s calloused skin warmed the other.  I drew in a gulp of air and held it in my lungs.  Something about the night felt perfect and…valuable, like it was special in a way I wouldn’t see much of in my life. I sure hadn’t up to that point. I didn’t want to let it go, so I held it inside me, trapped with the sweetly-scented air, for as long as I could hang on.  Until I had to let it go.

In the moment I exhaled, I knew being with Dane James was right.  Even though I’d get in trouble if I were discovered, I didn’t care.  I couldn’t.  Somehow with this boy I didn’t know, who had the prettiest eyes I’d ever seen, getting in trouble seemed small.  And he seemed big.  Bigger than life.  He was worth the risk. I didn’t really understand it, but I knew it intuitively.  My weakness for one boy, for the one wrong boy, was already taking hold. He needed me as much as I needed him and the rest didn’t really matter.

Dane led me deep into the field, so deep I was beginning to worry that we were going to get lost.  We’d come so far I couldn’t even see the light from my window anymore. The farther we walked from the house, the darker the night appeared to grow.  The faint glow of the moon overhead was our only light and Dane James was my only measure of security.  He was all I had to hold onto.

He was my anchor.

He was my compass.

¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) ¸.´¸.•*´¨) 

Exclusive Excerpt + Giveaway: Four Crows by Lily White



Four Crows

By Lily White

Release Date: February 28, 2017



“You’ll have to forgive me, Darlin’, for all the unforgivable things I’m about to do…”

Loyalty is never easy – especially when you’re forced to choose between family and the man you would do anything to possess…

Born into a world that no child should endure, Magpie “Maggie” Crow is doted on by her loving father and over protective brothers. As much as she loves them, she fears them, especially when she learns secrets they’ve kept hidden.

Elliot McLaughlin joined the U.S. Marine Corps right out of high school to provide for his wife and son. He’d never intended to become a father so young, but was willing to do what it took to give his family everything they needed.

After Elliot’s family goes missing, he returns from war to an empty home. Obsessed with discovering who took his family, he investigates their disappearance and plots his revenge.

Passion brings Maggie and Elliot together. Obsession pushes them apart. As a bitter battle begins between Elliot and the Crows, Maggie’s heart hangs in the balance.

**Disclaimer: This book is intended for audiences 18 years of age or older. The subject matter of this book discusses sensitive topics that may be a trigger for some readers.**




Exclusive Excerpt

Standing by the edge of the bed, I locked my eyes with his and allowed the towel to slide down my body.

He didn’t move a muscle, didn’t pull his intense gaze from my eyes. “Are you sure, beautiful? Are you sure you can do this?”

Nodding my head slowly, I watched him with timid fascination. “You seem to ask me that question a lot, Elliot. And there hasn’t yet been something I couldn’t do when you were standing there next to me.”








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Author Bio

Lily White is a dark writer who likes to dabble on the taboo side of eroticism. She is most known for her Masters Series (Her Master’s Courtesan and Her Master’s Teacher), Target This, Hard Roads, and Asylum. She’s co-authored Serial (a four part serial series). When she isn’t writing as Lily White you can find other books by her under M.S. Willis where she has penned the Control Series, the Estate Series, Because of Ellison (contemporary romance), and Standard Romance Story (Romance Comedy). Lily enjoys stretching her writing muscles by continuing to challenge herself with each book she publishes.

In addition to writing, Lily is an avid reader, gummy bear slayer, and a gold medalist in puppy naps.

Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram ~ Goodreads ~ Newsletter