Holiday Review: Cowboys For Christmas by Liz Talley, Kim Law, and Terri Osburn

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91cerK7C8wL._SL1500_Cowboys For Christmas

A Holiday Romance Anthology

By Liz Talley, Terri Osburn, Kim Law



3 cowboys…2 weeks…1 wedding!
Three all-new stories by Kim Law, Terri Osburn, and Liz Talley
Claire, Georgia, and Mary Catherine couldn’t be more different, but they promised they would be there for one another no matter what. And when they all gather in Holly Hills, Texas, for Mary Catherine’s Christmas wedding, they’ll find they have one thing in common: hearts that are about to be branded—by unforgettable cowboys.
In “Love Me, Cowboy” by Terri Osburn, wallflower Claire would be more excited about the wedding if it didn’t mean running into Mary Catherine’s brother—the bull rider she once had a scorching one-night stand with…
Ivy League volleyball coach Georgia never wanted to see Holly Hills—or another cowboy—again. But a sexy veterinarian is making her rethink her vow to never marry a Texas man in “Kiss Me, Cowboy” by Liz Talley.
Claire and Georgia both think that Mary Catherine is getting hitched to the wrong man, despite how perfect he is. And in “Marry Me, Cowboy” by Kim Law, a local rancher with a wild reputation gives Mary Catherine a glimpse of what might have been—and what could still be…

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Michel’s Review

Cowboys For Christmas was a fantastic anthology.  The authors did a wonderful job of tying their individual story with those of the other authors.  The plotting was precise throughout the three stories.  The individual plots of each story focused on one of the leading female characters and their personal trials and tribulations.  Each of these stories not only gave the readers insight to their individual leading character but also stayed very true to other characters and the personalities the other co authors created.  Throughout each book there are some of the same scenes, with the same tone, but delivered from their characters perspective of that moment.  The flow of each story was in perfect timing with the other two stories and made the overall story seem effortless.  To deliver this kind of book with three different stories, the same characters, and the same overall plot takes a lot of work and collaboration between the authors.  This was done with supreme care and made this anthology an excellent read.

We meet three women that have been friends since childhood.  They grew up in Holly Hills, Texas.  Holly Hills, Texas is a small ranching community that is basically defined by two prominent families.  The Holly Family and the Campbell Family.

Love Me, Cowboy by Terri Osburn

Claire Campbell was the fat girl that was ruled by her mother’s commands.  Her mother cared more about the family’s social status and position in Holly Hills.  Claire was always insecure and fed her emotions.  Now at twenty eight, she has returned to Holly Hills to teach elementary school.  She is no longer the “fat” girl and “weak” girl that her mother once controlled.  She has started to develop a backbone.  The one thing that haunts her from her past is Tyler Holly.  Tyler Holly is the younger brother of her best friend and the one boy she always had a crush on.  A high school one night stand that didn’t turn out so well has always haunted her.

Tyler has returned to Holly Hills as well after a serious rodeo injury.  He is looking to recuperate and get back on the rodeo circuit.  With his sister’s upcoming wedding, he is bound to run into the one woman that could hold him in Holly Hills.  Claire Campbell has always been the girl his heart has wanted.

Can these two find happiness together with their futures going in different directions?

Kiss Me, Cowboy by Liz Talley

Georgia Hightower left Holly Hills, Texas  as soon as she could.  She was the poor trailer trash of the community.  The only people that saw the girl that hid beneath the surface were her best friends, Claire Campbell and Mary Catherine Holly.  She vowed to never return to Holly Hills unless she was successful and had money to prove her self worth.

She is dreading returning to Holly Hills.  She is dreading attending Mary Catherine’s wedding.  She feels Mary Catherine is selling herself short.  But because she is a loyal friend she returns to the one place that has horrible memories for her.  Not only is she dreading the return to Holly Hills, she is also dealing with some problems in her life she has established in Boston.

When she meets Reed McCormick, the new vet in town, Holly Hills doesn’t look so bad.  She will see the town through new eyes and come to appreciate everything the sexy vet can show her.

As her problems come to a head in Boston, she will have to choose a lonely successful life or a life filled with love in Holly Hills?  Is Reed McCormick enough to make Georgia stay in Holly Hills.

Marry Me, Cowboy by Kim Law

Mary Catherine Holly has come home to Holly Hills to get married on Christmas Eve. She is marrying the town’s golden boy who is now a successful doctor in Dallas.  The two were high school sweethearts until Mary Catherine exhibited an independent wild streak.

Her wild streak included dating a boy from the wrong side of town. Jax Tipton was the very definition of trouble and wild.  The two had a wild teenage affair that ended badly.

Now she is a mature adult woman.  She has a successful career and good social standing in the community.  She would prefer to be married in Dallas but because of her family’s social status in Holly Hills she is getting married there.

Her step mother is planning the entire wedding.  The wedding must be perfect and meet the expectations of their social status.  Mary Catherine is fine with her step mother taking over all the wedding planning.  She is fine with someone else choosing her dress, choosing her bridesmaid dresses, and choosing the venue.  She just wants to get the wedding over with and get out of town before she runs into Jax Tipton.

Betweem the bridezilla step monster and a sexy boyfriend from the past, Mary Catherine’s world is spiraling out of control.  Her friends know she isn’t happy.  Jax Tipton knows she isn’t happy.  Will Mary Catherine recognize it before it’s too late?  Is Jax the man that can put a smile back on her face?

I absolutely loved this anthology.  I would of given this book a 5 Star Rating but there was one thing that held me back.  This book was supposed to be a Holiday Romance.  It was not.  There was very little mention of the holidays.  The few scenes that revolved around some kind of holiday event where more focused on the upcoming wedding rather than the upcoming holiday.  I never felt the holiday spirit.  This book focused more on the wedding theme rather than the holiday theme.  This was a great disappointment to me.

I would highly recommend Cowboys For Christmas.  It is well written, highly entertaining, and loaded with small town romance.

About the Authors:

Terri Osburn is the Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Anchor Island series. She makes her home along the coast of Virginia with an eye-rolling teenager, three fat tabbies, and a hyper yorkiepoo.
Liz Talley is a former English teacher who lives in North Louisiana with her high school sweetheart, two rough and tumble boys, and a gaggle of pets.
RITA-nominated and Golden Heart winner Kim Law is a former computer programmer, now spending her days writing happily ever afters. A native of Kentucky, she lives with her husband and a passel of animals in Middle Tennessee.



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