Steal the Day by Lexi Blake Review + Steal the Light Giveaway

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The world’s most unusual thief faces her greatest challenge—stealing a soul from the depths of Hell…

When a member of her crew is dragged to Hell by a demon, Zoey plans the most dangerous heist of her career. With her team at her side, Zoey intends to sneak onto the Hell plane and steal Sarah back.

The job seems impossible until a new client makes them an offer too good to refuse. If she can find an ancient artifact called The Revelation, she can use it to locate an angel who holds Sarah’s redemption in his hands.

Surrounded by warring angels and demons, the greatest threat may come from one of her own. Torn between her Fae lover and the vampire who has always held her heart, Zoey finds that she and Dev are trapped in Daniel’s web of secrets, and it may be Zoey who has to pay the ultimate price.

My Review


Intelligent and Seductive…Urban Fantasy at its Finest.

I was seduced the second I read the first page and could not put this book down until I finished it.

“Zoey.” Dev breathed in my ear, his voice the sweetest of seductions. His hands moved across my skin and despite the fact that we’d made love earlier, I responded to him immediately. Everywhere he touched, my skin seemed to flare to life. “I sincerely apologize. I have treated you poorly.” I smiled because I knew what was coming next. “I disagree, Dev. I was treated incredibly well. At least three times.”

Steal the Day picks up at the end of Steal the Light with Zoey questioning her relationships. She was tricked into a marriage with a vampire who, before he changed, was her whole entire life. She loved Danny, but he was not the same person now. He left her behind with no explanation, or communication, for four months. She moved on with her life during that time, and fell in love with a Faery Prince named Devinshea Quinn. Dev is a stunning sex god (literally) and his mission is to give her ultimate pleasure. She needed a distraction and Dev is a very sensual and pleasurable distraction. Zoey is planning to enter Hell to steal her friend Sarah back from an awful demon that snatched her during their last heist. Sarah was part of Zoey’s team of thieves, and Zoey never left anyone behind.

So, what happens when Zoey’s plan to go to hell, goes to hell, and all hell breaks loose…

Lexi Blake once again writes a story with fascinating characters. Each character sucks you into their world where you can feel their emotions. I cried when it was time for Chad to go, laughed at Dev’s many requests to check off sex in various states and planes, and was left hot at bothered by the sinfully sexy Nex Apparatus. Yes it finally happens for all of you that have read Steal the Light. Steal the Day is much more provocative and sensual then its predecessor, which, has made it my best-loved Urban Fantasy thus far. I am impatiently waiting the arrival of Steal the Moon in January.

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